Dixell Universal J Refrigeration Controller Thermostat

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Dixell Universal J Refrigeration Controller Thermostat

Dixell Universal J Refrigeration Controller Thermostat.

The New Universal-J

The 32 x 74 mm format has become a common standard for electronic thermostats and off-cycle defrost
refrigeration controllers, with the result that the service engineer can encounter a wide range of models and
manufacturers. As a result sourcing, an exact service replacement can be difficult and time-consuming, not
to mention confusing. Designed to replace the majority of such controllers in their most typical applications,
the Universal-J offers a simple but effective solution and compliments it’s "big brother", the Universal-R.


Universal J replaces on/off thermostats, either for cooling or heating, as well as refrigeration controllers with off cycle defrost control.

The Universal-J has a 20 amp operational relay and single probe input. It can work with either NTC or PTC
industry standard probes as:

  • On/off refrigeration thermostat
  • On/off heating thermostat
  • Combined refrigeration thermostat with off cycle defrost timer

Included is a visual high & low-temperature alarm, a digital input configurable for external alarms - door switch
- defrost – pressure switch – inverting action from cooling to the heating function.


Front fascia 32 x 74mm; depth 70mm. The Universal-J fits the same size cut out as the controllers it replaces.

Probe compatibility:

The Universal-J is compatible with NTC or PTC probes commonly used by most other manufacturers, so
whether you’re replacing an LAE, Carel, Eliwell or just about any other thermostat or off cycle controller, you’ll
usually, be able to use the existing probe.
Should you need to replace the probe, the Universal-J comes complete with a spare probe, which is of the
latest fully encapsulated NTC type, having a range of –40c to +105c with 1500 mm leads waterproof to IP67.


Programming in 5 quick steps now even easier with direct access to "tC"
The instruction manual has a "Quick Start Up Section" with 5 x simple steps to get you started. The installer
initially has direct access (without security code) to the "Smart" parameter tC, which programs the controller
into one of the 3 basic types (see Applications). The security code activates itself shortly afterwards. All the
installer does is to follow the programming guide and wiring instructions to finish the installation. Should more
specific information be required, this is also contained within the supplied instructions.
Hot Key programming capability comes as standard, allowing a service engineer to instantly program the
Universal-J to a given set of settings.

Power Supply:

Like most of the 32 x 74mm controls it replaces, the Universal-J uses a 12 volt AC or DC supply. When
replacing a mains voltage controller, simple install the optional mains transformer.

Other specifications:

Front Fascia water protected to IP65. Control range maximum –50c to +150c dependant on the probe being
used. Display resolution to 0.1c; Accuracy better than 1% FS. Anti-tamper keypad protection. Compressor
short cycle protection. CE approval. ABS self-extinguishing housing; Ambient conditions 0c to +60c, humidity
20 to 85%RH; Relay ratings 20(8)A/230V. Screw terminals for 2.5mm max cables; HotKey programming.

A convenient, versatile and low-cost solution when replacing cooling or heating thermostats or off cycle defrost refrigeration controllers.

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