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Advanced Engineering Condensate Drain Unblocker Gel - 490ml

£36.92 £30.77
AdvancedGel_DU-TDS (568.48 kB)

Advanced Engineering Condensate Drain Unblocker Gel - 490ml

Condensate run-off from the coil will drain away slowly. If the coil is very
dirty, some of this dirt will be carried into the condensate tray. Sludge
and slime building up in the standing water in the tray will eventually run
into the drain – causing blockages. Overflow from the tray may damage
decoration and furnishings.
AdvancedGel DU is designed for systems where a condensate pump is fitted.

Product Features:

  • The heavy-duty formula will clear organic and inorganic blockages
  • Heavier than water, it will sink and find the blockage
  • Safe to use with condensate pumps
  • Makes 8 litres of useable solution
  • Each pouch contains 490ml of gel - ready to dilute
  • Suitable for all types of Evapartor Condensate Trays
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