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Copper Pipe

Copper Piping For Air Conditioning Excellence

Most air conditioners use one of two types of metals for pipes – aluminium or copper. Aluminium piping is slowly becoming obsolete; most modern-day air conditioners use copper. 

Air conditioners have three main components: an evaporating coil, a compressor, and a condenser. The evaporating coil is inside the unit, while the compressor and condenser are outside. Window units have all components in one unit.

Air conditioners absorb room heat through evaporating coils, which are cooled by refrigerant flowing through them. The cooled refrigerant is then compressed into a hot liquid before passing through condenser pipes to lose most of its heat. The refrigerant is then returned to its original temperature through a high-pressure valve, and the process is repeated until the room reaches your desired temperature.

Air conditioner components are connected by aluminium or copper piping in a closed circuit. Poor quality pipes can cause leaks and ineffective cooling and retain too much heat. Copper is better at handling corrosion and oxidation, giving air conditioners a longer lifespan. Copper pipes cool faster due to their lower specific heat quantity, while aluminium pipes consume more energy and have lower cooling capabilities.

Explore our wide range of air conditioner piping for high-quality copper pipes. If you need help with ordering, call 0161 775 1190, and we will gladly assist.

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