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Mini Pumps

Compact Condensate Mini Pumps

Condensate pumps are centrifugal pumps, usually powered by electricity. They are used to pump condensate water up from aircon and other HVAC systems when the unit is placed in a location where the water must be pumped up to avoid spillage.

As the name suggests, mini condensate pumps are smaller than their maxi counterparts and hold less liquid. They are usually used in smaller residential heating and cooling systems with low condensate production.

Mini condensate pumps are compact and can be placed in small spaces, making them fitting for tight or confined areas often found in residential settings.

Maxi pumps have large motors and, therefore, can be noisy, but this may not be a concern in industrial or commercial settings.

Mini pumps are relatively quiet, so they are a much better choice for homes or small spaces where noise levels need to be minimal for comfort.

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