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General Cleaning

General Cleaning products for An Immaculate Aircon System

Ensuring your air conditioner runs efficiently keeps your home cool and comfortable. One of the main reasons your air conditioner may not be blowing adequately cold air is that the evaporator and condenser coils or cooling fins are dirty or dusty. This can restrict the heat-absorbing and releasing process, making your air conditioner less effective and costing you more money.

You must follow a few steps to clean your air conditioner. Firstly, turn off the power to the unit before beginning any cleaning. Next, remove the plastic filter holder/trim panel and slide the air conditioner out of the window or wall. If you have a window A/C unit, remove the mounting frame and case screws along the unit's bottom edge. Be sure to take note of the screw placement to avoid any issues when reassembling.

To straighten bent cooling fins, use a fin comb that matches the fin spacing on your coils. Insert the fin comb and pull up to straighten out the fins. It's important to wear protective clothing as the fins can potentially cut your hands. Afterward, vacuum any visible build-up of dirt and dust from both coils.

After vacuuming, you will need an aircon unit coil cleaner to apply to the coils. While the foam cleaner does its work, clean the fan blades with a household cleaner and a rag. Top up the fan motor oil with a few drops of electric motor oil, then wash or replace the air filter before reinstalling the unit.

No matter how clean the coil inside the evaporator is, a discoloured or grubby-looking case can give the impression of a dirty air conditioning unit.

EasyFinish™ is an air conditioning case cleaner specially formulated to remove nicotine, grease, and general grime, leaving everything looking immaculate.

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