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Sheet Insulation

High-Quality Sheet Insulation Solutions for Optimal Thermal Performance

If you need insulation foam sheets or closed-cell foam insulation, then our range of Armaflex insulation sheets are the perfect solution. 

Our most popular insulation foam sheets are made by the industry leader Armacell Armaflex. This closed cell foam insulation is available in tube or sheet form, making it ideal for fitting comfortably over your pipes. Our insulation foam sheets are perfect for insulating larger areas, like large bore pipes in industrial environments. They are easily cut to size, wrapped around the tube and secured. The sheets also work well for insulating air conditioning ductwork.

Our closed cell foam insulation sheets are available with a pre-applied adhesive back, making installation even more straightforward. Just peel off the protective backing and stick the sheet in place. No additional glue is necessary. Armaflex insulation foam sheets also provide excellent acoustic protection, making them great for soundproofing walls, ceilings and other areas where you need to reduce noise.

Our closed cell sheets have millions of bubbles, meaning they maintain performance over the product's lifetime. We stock the full range of insulation foam sheets in various sizes and thicknesses for indoor and outdoor use. Sheets are available in small 1 x 2m sizes or up to 10-metre continuous rolls. We always have standard sizes and thicknesses in stock and ready for speedy delivery.

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