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Tank Pumps

Air Conditioning and Condensing Boiler Condensate Tank Pumps.

As condensation drips from an air conditioner's coils, it collects in a drip pan. Then, an air conditioner tank pump drives the moisture outside or into a drainage system.

The lack of a pump to remove the excess water from the drain pan could lead to water spilling over and seeping into the flooring or carpets. 

If the water is not draining correctly, it might be an issue with the pump. 

Check underneath the unit for dripping or wet spots. If your drain pan is overflowing, your AC pump might have stopped working. 

The job of aircon tank pumps is to pull water out of the pan and remove it from the house. AC units produce significant condensation, which is pulled out of the air to reduce humidity. 

At Aircon Spares, we stock tank pumps in assorted sizes from leading condensate pump manufacturers. If you are unsure which pump is best for your unit, call us on 0161 775 1190, and we'll be happy to help.

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