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Keep the Chill In and the Heat Out with Our Aircon Insulation

We supply a vast selection of pipe insulation and lagging for refrigeration and air conditioning. Our stock includes aircon accessories for all the leading top brand names of insulation, such as Rockwool, Armaflex, Kingspan Kooltherm, and Isover.

The main reason for insulating an air conditioning system is to decrease heat gain or loss from the piping. Insulating the pipes also prevents water vapour and condensation from icing up.

Condensation can damage walls, carpets, and furniture. Thus, the insulation also serves as a vapour barrier.

If your aircon is not well insulated, you might need to lower the unit's temperature as it may not be cooling well. Therefore, inadequately insulated air conditioning can increase your electricity bills. 

Over time, aircon insulation on exterior pipes can deteriorate due to the elements. When insulation loses effectiveness, the machine struggles to sustain the desired temperature. Therefore, you should check your outside insulation at least once a year and replace it so your unit works optimally and prevents expensive repair bills.

Breathe easy this summer. We stock air conditioning sheet insulation, cladding, adhesives and tapes at the best prices.

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