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Pipes / Tubes

Pipes / Tubes

Upgrade Your System with Premium Copper Aircon Pipes and Tubes

Most air conditioners have piping made of aluminium or copper. However, the use of aluminium pipes is dwindling, and leading manufacturers use copper tubes nowadays. 

Cooling on copper pipes is faster than aluminium due to its heating-up and cooling-down capacities. Copper pipes can quickly dissipate heat from the living space and cool down quickly, enabling them to absorb more heat. Aluminium pipes need longer to heat and cool down, so they expend more energy and have relatively lower cooling power.

The cooling process in an air conditioner operates in a closed circuit, which means aircon pipes and tubes play a significant role. If aircon pipes and tubes are inferior quality, they could leak or split, which would mean inefficient cooling. They could also absorb too much heat, making the aircon ineffective.

Here at Aircon Spares we have a huge choice of copper piping and copper pipe connectors from leading UK suppliers for refrigeration and air conditioning systems. 

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