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Leak Detection

Find Hidden Leaks with Precise Aircon Leak Detection Tools

In the past, technicians relied on hearing hissing sounds, smelling chemical odours, or spotting visible oil leaks for aircon leak detection. There was also the soap bubble method, which worked by spraying soapy water on the refrigerant line and looking for bubbles, but these methods are not dependable for finding small leaks in an aircon unit.

Analog leak detectors were the first type of refrigerant leak detection tools, but more efficient and reliable electronic tools have mostly replaced them. Electronic tools use several types of sensors and dyes to detect the presence and location of a leak accurately. 

Heated diode detectors use heat to break apart refrigerant molecules and can pinpoint the exact location of a small leak, but they need more frequent cleaning and maintenance. Ultrasonic detectors can detect the hiss of gas escaping from a pinprick hole, even when it is undetectable to human ears. Infrared sensors use infrared light to detect the presence of a leak and are fully accurate but require the probe to be constantly moving during usage. 

Our tools make refrigeration aircon leak detection much faster and easier and are a superior alternative to traditional methods.

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