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Refrigeration Equipment

Enhance Aircon Performance with Our Refrigeration Equipment and Parts

Air conditioning has been used for over a hundred years to control humidity and decrease dust and smoke. Its most typical use is to create a comfortable working temperature that improves productivity in offices, commercial buildings, and makes a home more comfortable during the scorching summer months.

Air conditioning involves treating and circulating air in areas of a building to control temperature, humidity, and air quality. This is done by moving air over chilled or heated coils or a spray of water at a controlled temperature. Water sprays will also remove dust and odours. Other air cleaning systems may include mechanical separation, adhesion, screening, filtration, or static attraction, depending on the type of air contaminants and the required air quality.

Refrigeration is the procedure of lowering the temperature of a substance below that of its surroundings. This process produces chilled water for air conditioning. At Aircon Spares, we stock a full range of refrigeration equipment and replacement parts for your air conditioner's refrigeration system for leading brand air-conditioner systems.

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