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Aspen Mini Pumps

Aspen Mini Pumps

Aspen Mini Condensate Pumps for Moisture Management

Condensate pumps are a type of centrifugal pump that play a vital role in collecting and distributing hot water and liquid produced by condensation from cooling and heating systems. These systems include gas and oil condensing boilers, air conditioning and refrigeration units, air dehumidifiers, evaporators, and steam produced by heat exchangers and radiators. 

One common scenario where condensate pumps are used is when the boiler is in a basement. As gravity cannot move the condensation water to a ground-level drainage system, a condensate pump is needed to easily access the accumulated water. These pumps work by detecting water in the drain pan and automatically turning on. 

Aspen mini pumps are made for air conditioning units and other appliances that produce a small amount of water. They help prevent water damage and are very reliable. Aspen is a global leader in mini pumps since the success of their Mini Orange. Aspen offers the best selection of mini pumps, with the highest quality and performance.

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