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Domestic Insulation

Beat the Heat with Aircon Domestic Installation

Air conditioning units use black wide foam wires to insulate copper pipes, which come in two types: Class 0 and Class 1. Inferior quality insulation can cause leaks due to a higher condensation rate. The wires absorb condensed water from the pipes, protecting them and reducing the chance of water leaking.

Aircon insulation has two primary functions: to protect copper pipes and to absorb condensed water. Two popular types of insulation are tube and sheet, made of foam and resistant to heat.

Tube insulation insulates air conditioner pipes and duct systems, while sheet insulation is commonly used with windows. They block gaps to prevent air from escaping and reduce the vibration or noise that air conditioner units cause.

Aircon insulation materials include polyethene foam, fibreglass, foam rubber, and foam pipe insulation. Foam pipe insulation is easy to cut, install, and seal, making it affordable.

Most house air conditioner units have two copper lines on the outside of the house connected to the unit's condenser. The suction pipe, which is the larger, cold copper pipe, needs to be insulated. The smaller copper pipe does not need insulation.

We stock a range of domestic insulation for aircon units, made by leading manufacturers. Order online or call us on 0161 775 1190 if you need help choosing the right product.

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