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Whether you're an experienced plumber, just getting started as a climate control system technician, or planning on doing a small aircon installation in your own home, you will need tools.

Aircon refrigeration tools are necessary for preventive maintenance for domestic and commercial aircon systems, and refrigerator, freezer, and aircon repairs.

Essential aircon tools

Leak Detection Tools

Aircon units and refrigerators depend on a refrigerant to cool and function correctly. It is essential to ensure the refrigerant is not leaking or seeping out. To detect leaking issues, we offer several reliable refrigerant leak detector tools and accessories to identify leaks before too much damage is done.

Manifolds and Hoses

Air conditioning installations work by changing the state of a cooling agent as it flows between an evaporator and a condenser. The cooling agent circulates driven by the refrigerating compressor. A gauge manifold is a refrigeration tool used to check the pressure of the unit. If there is too much or too little pressure, the system won't work correctly or could break down completely. Manifolds are one of the most basic HVAC tools used to diagnose issues or check if the pressure is correct during an aircon service.

All aircon systems need a hose and charging line. We supply hoses and lines for many leading aircon models.

Measuring Equipment

HVAC measuring devices are needed to measure the temperature and pressure of different sections of an aircon system. A thermometer with a temperature range suitable for the section to be measured, including the liquid line, suction line, and air discharge, is among the essential tools a technician should carry.

Nitrogen Equipment

Over time oxidisation inevitably occurs in all air conditioning units, and the system will become contaminated. It is important to regularly clear an air conditioning system to ensure that the filtered air that the machine sends out is pure and healthy. For this job, a technician will use nitrogen.

Nitrogen is a popular choice because it does not damage the environment, unlike other gases used in the past.

Check out our selection of nitrogen pressure test gauges for all major aircon brands.

Recovery Equipment

Refrigerant recovery devices are used to remove refrigerants from cooling appliances. Technicians need to drain the refrigerant before carrying out a repair or routine maintenance on aircon units, freezers, or fridges. The refrigerant is collected into a tank to be later recycled or reused.


While a thermometer is not the most interesting aircon tool, it’s an essential accessory for an aircon technician. When it comes to HVAC systems, temperature control is vital, especially in commercial settings where a fluctuation of as little as 1°C could represent a considerable change in how the equipment works. Storing food, for example, at the wrong temperature could mean you are not in compliance with laws.

Aircon thermometers are mainly used to measure the air, refrigerant, and temperature of copper lines, as these measurements are essential to locate a possible defect.

At Airconspares, you can find thermometers from all the top brands.

Tube Working Tools

Tube tools are instruments needed to service tubing in HVAC or industrial heating and temperature control. Standard tube working tools required for aircon maintenance include flaring tools, pipe benders, soldering tools, and pipe cutters.

Vacuum Pumps

An aircon vacuum pump removes unnecessary air and vapour from an air conditioning unit during a service. Once this is done and the refrigerant removed, a technician can perform a complete test on the system.

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