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Vacuum Pumps

An aircon vacuum pump enables the flawless circulation of refrigerants, ensuring your AC system runs at peak efficiency.

They prevent uneven cooling or protect against costly repairs.

A vacuum pump of good quality is essential for a complete aircon service. One of our best sellers is the 90063-2V-220B Mastercool Vacuum Pump,

an extremely reliable pump that we have tested over time. This pump will withstand harsh conditions and provide dependable service for years. Mastercool has a range of pumps to suit your service requirements. 

The new design features a stronger motor and a gas ballast valve that helps prevent oil contamination resulting from high moisture. The vapour discharge/oil fill port is easily removable, and the pump comes with an internal check valve to prevent liquid oil from escaping. The large oil level sight glass has a max/min oil level indicator, and the oil drain valve is easily accessible. 

The pump's base is large, lightweight, and reinforced for stable positioning, with cooling fins that help maintain a cooler temperature during extended motor operation. The high-volume fan provides cool air to the motor and pump. The manifold valve isolates the pump from the system when testing for leaks. The pump has three inlet ports: 1/4", 3/8" SAE, and 1/2" ACME. It also has dual voltage capability and a thermally protected motor with an on/off rocker switch.

If you are a professional HVAC technician, our aircon vacuum pumps will become your trusted partner, speeding up your diagnostic and repair processes. Get the job done faster and exceed your client's expectations.

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