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How To Repair an Aircon Remote Control

How To Repair an Aircon Remote Control

We have all been there when our aircon remote control stops working. We bang it against our hand, give it a shake, take the batteries out then put them back in again, give it another shake then maybe throw it across the room a couple of times (then again maybe that’s just me) but the thing just won’t work!

Below we outline some the most common problems when an aircon remote control stops working nd provide you with some solutions to get it working again.

Are you close enough to your air conditioning unit when using your remote?

When you’re pointing your remote control at the AC system and pressing the buttons without a response from the air con unit, you are more than likely too far away for the remote to work. So we suggest that you stand a distance of 6 metres away as some units require this as a minimum sensor distance. Move closer to your unit and try pressing the buttons again.

Make sure there are no obstructions between you and your air conditioning unit sensor reader as there needs to be a clear path between the remote and the sensor on your air conditioning unit.

Also Ensure the sensors on both the remote and air conditioning system are clean and free of dirt as this can prevent the remote signal being received by your unit. So give them both a wipe and try again.

Are Your Batteries Working?

As with any other remote you can give the batteries in your air condition remote a little jig to see if that is the problem. Simply turn over your remote control to it’s flip side, slide off the battery cover, rearrange your batteries and try again. If this doesn’t do the trick then simply replace your batteries with new ones. On nearly all air con remote controls a message will be displayed if your batteries are running out of juice and when this happens replace immediately

Check Your Batteries Are The Right Way Round

A very common mistake is to place your batteries the wrong way round in your remote control. So just in case and we know it’s an obvious thing to say but make sure that the flat part of the battery is against the spring and the nobbly bit of the battery is against the metal contacts. If it still doesn’t work even after inserting the batteries the correct way, there could be dirt or a blockage between the batteries and the metal contacts. Slide the back cover off again, remove the batteries and clean out any excess dirt or dust on the contacts using a cotton bud.

Check Your Remote Control Settings

In some cases, it can simply come down to user error. It can simply be that you are pressing all the wrong buttons on your air con remote. By pressing a wrong button this can cause a various amount of problems. We do advise reading your user manual and mastering how to operate your air con control.

If you have tried all the above to no avail and your remote still isn’t working properly there might be an issue with the remote sensor. A malfunctioning LED sensor at the end of your remote can send the wrong command signals to the sensor on your air conditioning unit especially if it has been dropped or sat on as this can put the sensor out of place. We recommend if this happens either getting brand new remote or taking it to an expert to get fixed.

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