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Is it worth getting air conditioning in the UK?

Is it worth getting air conditioning in the UK?

We all take pride in our homes and have the latest home entertainment and kitchen gadgets. Still, few people consider what may be best for them to give year-round advantages to a UK home. We are familiar with homes in hotter climes such as the USA and Australia having Air Conditioning installed but is it worth getting air conditioning in the UK?

Air conditioning can be one of the best investments you can make in your property. Still, most homeowners are not aware of the complete benefits air conditioning can bring. Most people see air conditioning as a way of cooling down space, which given the increased summer temperatures in the UK, is something most people need. But air conditioners can do much more than just cool. They are highly efficient heaters and can act as dehumidifiers during damp and wet months.

So to help you understand how air conditioners can benefit your life, here are our top reasons to own a household air conditioning system.

It Can be a Life Saver

Excess heat and the inability to cool down are life-threatening. The ONS (Office for National Statistics) claims there were over 10% more heat-related deaths in the UK in 2022 during the worst of the summer temperatures. These lives could have been saved if they had fully working air conditioners that were regularly serviced.  

As temperatures climb, keeping a UK home cool is increasingly difficult. They are primarily designed for maximum light with large windows and patio doors because they need sunlight in the homes. But sunlight brings heat which homeowners cannot remove easily.

Improved Air Quality

Air conditioners have filters to clean the air as it is circulated. Modern systems have HEPA filters and ionisers to clean and filter the air to a much more extreme level. Some filters can even filter out things as small as viruses. This filtration is a real asset if a household member suffers from allergies or asthma.  

Although these filters are very advantageous, they need maintenance and regular cleaning to keep them working efficiently.


Better Work Environment

With many people working from home, it is imperative to keep the workspace comfortable. It is easy to forget how your old office was air-conditioned to keep you comfortable; now it is your responsibility.

Everyone knows the lethargy that overcomes us when working on a hot day. Our cognitive abilities and thought process are not as sharp when we are hot and bothered. Your old office was climate controlled to keep you in peak condition for performing your duties. 

If you work from home, you need to consider air conditioning if you do not want your work quality and output to decline, possibly jeopardising your job.


Keep Out Insects and Bugs

You will be protected when the little flying beasties come out during those summer months. By installing air conditioning, you can keep windows and doors closed and keeps out the flies, midges and wasps which can plague the summer months.

Sleep Better

Sleeping in a controlled temperature environment promotes better sleep. While you sleep, your body adjusts its temperate, and increased heat will disrupt your sleep. With air conditioning, you can set the temperature to one that suits you, guaranteeing an undisturbed night's sleep.

Increased Security

As mentioned before, with a fully maintained, functioning air conditioning system, you no longer need windows and doors open to try to cool the house. With no windows open, it makes your home a much more difficult target for opportunist burglars.

Protect Your Electronics

Your home is filled with complicated and sophisticated electronics that generate heat. 

Computers, tablets and TVs are particularly susceptible to heat increases. With an air-conditioned home, these devices can function efficiently and reduce the possibility of breakdowns and expensive repairs or replacements.

Protect Your Furniture

Furniture does not like heat or dampness. Sofas and chairs can absorb moisture in damp conditions and lead to mould or rot in extreme cases. Leather furniture hardens and can crack in high heat, which often cannot be repaired. Wooden furniture can warp or break with changes in temperature or humidity.

Air conditioning "conditions" the air, not just by controlling temperature but by managing humidity. Most systems even carry a de-humidify setting to extract moisture from the air if it becomes excessively humid.

Reduces Dehydration

If we get hot, our inbuilt cooling system kicks in, causing sweating. Sweating has worked for humans since we first walked the earth, but it comes with two issues. We cannot sweat in high humidity conditions, and sweating causes us to lose water. Dehydration at its extreme can cause heart attacks and loss of consciousness. Using air conditioning reduces the risks of dehydration and keeps your body ticking over comfortably.

A Better Place to Live

Overall the installation of a new system or regular maintenance of your existing air conditioning system will be advantageous to your household and all of the inhabitants. Remember, your pets will benefit from being protected from excessive temperatures just as much as you do. Dogs, in particular, can struggle to maintain a lower body temperature in extreme heat.


If you already have an air conditioning system, ensure it is fully maintained, and the filters are cleaned regularly with professional products. If you have yet to install air conditioning, there is no better time than now. The industry is loaded with new technologies, so speak to a reputable installer and change your home for the better.




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