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Which Aircon Save Electricity

Which Aircon Save Electricity

There are many ways to save electricity with an air conditioning unit but it can be pricey to get an energy saving unit. Below we have listed some tips on how you can save the pennies not only with your electricity bill but also with your current air conditioning unit.


Thermostats these days are pretty darn intelligent but that does not necessarily mean that they know what is causing heat, they just know it’s a got a bit warm. Items such as lamps, TVs, or other electronics equipment can get warm, and having them anywhere near your air conditioner or thermostat can make the air conditioner think the room is warmer than it actually is.

Cover Your Air Conditioning Unit

If your air conditioning unit is outside your property and in direct sun light, it’s not going to run as efficiently as if was in the shade. So simply cover it over with a yawning or something like that to stop it from overheating.

 Clean The Filter

Dirty filters can contribute to your air conditioning system working overtime. By replacing and cleaning your air conditioning’s filter it is essential for a healthy and well-maintained system—which in turn will save you money in the long term.

Don’t Cook Until The Evening

Cooking is a main source of producing extra heat in your home. During the summer months if possible try and reduce the amount of time you use your oven as this can contribute to your air conditioning unit working extra hard to cool your house down. Or simply try and cook when it’s cooler outside and there is less need for air conditioning.

Don’t Keep On Playing With Your Thermostat

Sticking with the one temperature and keeping to it is a very smart move when it comes to cooling down a room and saving on the electric. You can also switch on a fan if it gets too hot and this will help your air conditioner cool the room too!

Don’t Get Window Closing Happy

While you may want the cold air to reach the hotter parts of your house or flat, shutting too many windows can truly impact on your system. The air conditioning unit is designed to cool your whole house not just individual rooms. If you close off too windows or vents then your air conditioning system will become less effective and less efficient overall. Simply just close the doors to the rooms you are not using.

Get A Thermostat You Can Program

If you are out of your house for long periods during the day rather like heating in the colder months get a thermostat you can program so your house is at a core temperature throughout the day, By maintaining the temperature saves much more energy and money in the long term.

Air Flow

Now this may sound a bit silly probably a little far fetched but air flow is something you should consider when rearranging your furniture around your home. Just simply check to see if any of your furniture obstructing a window or vent as this is the path that cool air takes to get into your rooms. It’s a quick fix that can make a difference.

Last but by no means least turn off your air conditioning unit when you leave

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