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X87-703 Blue Diamond Maxi Blue 230V Temp Sensor Condensate Pump

£149.56 £124.63

X87-703 Blue Diamond Maxi Blue 230V Temp Sensor Condensate Pump

Condensate removal pumps are an installers nightmare. A reputation for being awkward to install and unreliable often dictates the buyer to choose the cheapest item and regard it as a throwaway item. Many competitors boast about how reliable their products are, but this is very rarely the case. The Blue Diamond range offers a new approach to efficiently, quietly and reliably remove large quantities of condensate. Blue Diamond condensate pumps are based on our revolutionary patented rotary diaphragm pumping principle. Proven in service for over 15 years on applications including vending and sampling. The principle overcomes problems such as contaminated valves, stuck pistons, split tubes and noisy gearboxes.

Blue Diamond- why risk anything less?

MaxiBlue uses the same advanced unique technology as the BlueDiamond range.  Designed for high humidity environments, it benefits from being a small, powerful pump that is controlled by our patented sensing technology - only senses when water is present offering an energy efficient drainage solution.

  • Proven rotary diaphragm technology as used in Blue Diamond range
  • Flow rate up to 14 l/hr
  • Dry suction lift up to 8m
  • Self-priming
  • Energy Efficient
  • Exceptionally quiet and no vibration
  • Powered by unique water sensors 
  • Can be mounted in any orientation

With higher performance, the MaxiBlue is ideally suited for mid-range air conditioning systems.  Its exceptional reliability backed by a multi-year warranty and leading suction lift has led it to be installed in environments that are both demanding and expensive to access for maintenance.

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Install Options.

OPTION 1 - Inside Evaporator. Option 2 - Corner Trunking (reversible). Option 3 - Under Indoor Unit.

The reservoir can be mounted inside the evaporator using both side inlet and outlet spouts; it's slimline and low profile fits in even the most compact wall mounted evaporators. Offering reversible mounting on L/H and R/H installations, the reservoir is easily and quickly retrofitted as a replacement option to failed piston pump and reservoir combined models. Moulded in white with a compact profile it allows the tank to be mounted discreetly below the evaporator. The sensor and high-level alarm are mounted inside the reservoir lid and secured onto the wall enabling quick and straightforward service intervals that do not disturb or dismantle the sensor location.

Hot & Cold Sensor.

Hot - cold thermistors mounted in air inlet and outlet of room unit sensing when cooling occurs. Runs constantly pump when A/C "on" regardless of whether producing condensate. Failsafe circuit inactive The patented DrainStik is quick and simple to install or retrofit around any existing installation. The slimline probe, which houses the water sensors and high-level alarm can be directly mounted into the drain tube of all types of equipment. With no moving parts to become clogged or stuck it is an ideal alternative to existing float switches.

The BlueDiamond pump range outperforms other condensate pumps and does precisely what you need it to do. We know installers keep us in the van to replace failed or clogged mini pumps and split tubing on peristaltic pumps. BlueDiamond pumps are the reliable alternative so why risk anything else.

  • Silent running less than 21 dbA
  • No maintenance or servicing required
  • self-priming runs wet and dry
  • flow rate remains constant even at the 4m head
  • ultra reliable multi-year warranty
  • unique patented pumping principle
  • quick to retro-fit quick and easy to install
  • multiple sensing options plug and play, fit and forget
  • powerful enough for distant location
  • quiet enough for ceiling mounting
  • flow rate up to 50 l/hr
  • pumps up six stories
  • unrivalled low power consumption
  • tolerates suspended solids and light slurries
  • peristaltic performance at the price of a piston pump
  • thermally protected with an integral high-level alarm
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