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Diversitech Pro-Universal Granular Coil Cleaner

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Diversitech Pro-Universal Granular Coil Cleaner

Evaporator and Condenser Coil Cleaner Pro-Universal Granular. Dirty coils can make an air-conditioning system 50% less efficient and the first ac coil cleaner in a non-liquid form that cleans without damaging coils. With the arrival of Diversitech's Pro-Universal coil cleaner in granular form, AC engineers and contractors will be spared the hassle of purchasing, transporting and spilling large quantities of liquid cleaner. The Pro-Universal coil cleaner comes in 480g lightweight containers. Pro-Universal Granular is mixed with eight litres of water before spraying on coils. It is already a hit in the US because its chemical formula does not erode the aluminium coils of ac units reducing its efficiency. The widespread use of acid-based coil cleaners in the UK means AC maintenance contractors are bringing hazardous liquids such as hydrofluoric acid on site. AC contractors may be fooled into thinking Diversitech's detergent is not working because it does not foam or change the colour of the aluminium coils it is cleaning. However, it is working to protect the coils coating it with a non-stick protective layer. Pro-Universal can be used to clean evaporators as well as condensers.
  • Premium cleaner with unique triple action: degreaser, deodoriser and detergent.
  • Non-foaming and non-corrosive - attacks the dirt but not the cooling fin, thereby maximising heat transfer.
  • Removes sources of contamination which cause a build-up of slime and sludge in the drain pan.
  • Leaves a minute coating to protect the coil and aid subsequent cleaning.
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