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Armaflex HT Solar Outdoor Pipe Insulation Coil

Armaflex HT Coil

Armaflex HT Solar Outdoor Pipe Insulation Coils.

HT Armaflex is the ideal insulation solution for outdoor use. Because it's made from EPDM rubber, it's fully UV resistant and weatherproof. This means it can installed outside without any further coverings or protection. Along with it's high temperature resistance, it's the ideal product for insulating outdoor pipes on Solar, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration pipework. HT/Armaflex is the EPDM rubber insulation that meets the growing demand for a reliable and environmentally friendly and flexible insulation, that can be used at higher temperatures for process industry and solar applications.

These Armaflex HT Endless Tube Coils are ideal for long runs of pipework such as Air Conditioning and Refrigeration installations. The coils can easily fed onto the pipe, before fitting and fixing in-situ. This results in fewer cuts and joints, thus ensuring a constant level of insulation along the whole length of pipe.

HT/Armaflex can be used for the thermal insulation of pipes, vessels, ducts and solar panels, motor vehicles, hot gas lines, steam and dual temperature lines.
HT/Armaflex is suitable for applications up to 150 °C

Special Features:

  • Continuous long length of coiled insulation - ideal for longer runs of pipework
  • Supplied in an easy-to-dispense box
  • Easy to "sleeve" onto your pipes as they are installed
  • UV resistant and able to withstand typical weathering effects
  • Won't crack and break under outdoor UV Exposure
  • Built-in water vapour barrier reduces risk of corrosion under insulation (CUI)
  • Retains its physical characteristics throughout service life
  • Doesn't require any further treatment or covering - just fit and forget
  • Low maintenance and repair costs
  • High degree of stability for a wide temperature range
  • Reduces energy losses with a low thermal conductivity
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£106.68 £88.90
Armaflex HT 13mm x 22mm x 18m Solar Outdoor Pipe Insulation Coil
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