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Is It Time to Replace Your Air Conditioning?

Is It Time to Replace Your Air Conditioning?

There are reasons why users don't upgrade their aircon systems regularly. Firstly, there is no need; a quality air conditioning system will have a long lifespan; a decent air conditioner can deliver excellent service for as long as fifteen or even 20 years. Regular maintenance can make it last even longer. Secondly, they are huge and bulky; so many people contemplate the issue of upgrading them for a long time because of the hassle.

However, these reasons won't mean the same air conditioner is in place permanently; there will come a time when you are compelled to replace your old air conditioner with a newer and more efficient unit. However, more often than not, most consumers don't arrive at that decision for no reason, but rather when the old air conditioner will show signs that you must replace them.

Signs and symptoms of an AC system ready for replacement include the following:

Energy bills are unreasonably high

It is easy to know when energy costs rise because of inflation. Your utility company will always try to inform you of the reason behind the hike if there is a hike at all. However, if you realize that your energy bills are higher than previously, without an apparent reason, it could be time to examine your household appliances for issues. In the case of an air conditioner, it could be struggling to work hence high energy consumption. The first parts to show signs of age are the fans and the motor; as time passes, they struggle to work efficiently. Because they must rotate and work extra hard to keep supplying the much-needed fresh air, your electric usage will spike. With increasing time, they may cease to work practically altogether yet still keep running, which means even higher energy bills and little results. If you're unfortunate enough, the rise in energy costs could occur almost overnight, and you'll have no time to budget for a new system in advance.

Repairs are more frequent

Most people will call an aircon technician to inspect the air condition at least once every year, usually just before the start of summer, the heavy season. If the system starts requiring several repairs in a year, it is an indicator that it has seen its better years, and you should be planning to replace it. While no one wants the expense of replacing an aircon system, you don't want to spend huge sums of money on regular repair jobs every year either; so, it makes economic sense to get the money together and acquire and a new unit.

The indoor temperature doesn't feel right

When you're sure that the aircon thermostat is working as it should be, but the temperatures in your home aren't adding up; something is wrong. It will most likely be too warm but could even be too hot. Such situations can occur when the system is having a hard time regulating the room temperature well. Trying to repair the air conditioner at this stage could be costly. The best solution is to visit your local dealer and acquire a new air conditioner.

The AC system has truly aged, and you know it

Sometimes it doesn't take a malfunction to make you realise that you should replace your air conditioner. During one of the yearly maintenance sessions, the technician might inform you the system is still working correctly, but it is high time you replace it. So, if your air conditioner was manufactured before around 2007, you should be thinking of replacing it. Furthermore, technology has really evolved dramatically in the last few years, and there are newer efficient units in the market today that are much more eco-friendly than their older counterparts. Replace your old air conditioner with a new model, and watch the running costs drop drastically.

Are you still uncertain?

If you're not yet ready to replace your AC system, we at Aircon Spares, have you covered. We stock hundreds of spare replacement air conditioning parts, from pipes and tubes to condensate pumps to refrigeration tools. We are always happy to advise and let you know if your aircon unit is worth repairing or should be replaced.

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